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Setters & Pointers...

working & having fun

  all photos copyright Susan Stone

"I'm as cold as Ice"

Red Grouse in the Highlands of Scotland

My dog Glen dropping to flush - 2014 in the Highlands of Scotland

English Setter 'George' pointing Grouse in the Scottish Highlands

The young Pointer Girl 'Spider' in full swing

Gordon Setter 'Whiskey' hunting for Grouse

Ludo wins the game

 Winning photograph in the category 'Dogs at Work'

The Kennel Club Competition "Dog Photographer of the Year 2013"

Intense point by Black Pointer Pookie

Irish Setter Grace working the moors in Scotland

Red Grouse female

Irish Setter Flynn setting Grouse on the Yorkshire Moors

An Irish Red & White Setter setting birds on the Yorkshire Moors


Gordon Setter Rum ranging the Yorkshire Moors


Irish Setter in the Puppy Stake in Spring

Pointer Pookie working the ground

Irish Setter during the Summer trials on Grouse in Scotland

Irish Red & White Setter Conny setting grouse

Gordon Setter setting Grouse during an open stake in the Scottish Highlands

English Setter working his ground during a field trial

Irish Setter Glen working the heather on a rough day in March

Pointer Gillie on Red Grouse


Setter's paradise - Summer trial in Scotland

 One man and his dog - waiting for their run

The judges at a Field Trial

A Beauty

Glen at work

Annie - romancing Northumberland