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1975... a very young Susan with our first Irish Setter Copper

Looking back... 

around 1940: Grandparents Stovin-Bradford's Irish Setter Juno


my mother Joy Stone née Stovin-Bradford's English Setter 'Suzanne' - 1955

Susan & Milko, 1967

Juno, Joy & Mary Stovin-Bradford (1940)

Above is a greatly treasured photograph taken in 1940 showing my grandmother holding my mother Joy who is looking up adoringly to the family's Irish Setter 'Juno'. This was the first Irish Setter in our family, owned by my grandparents Bill and Mary Stovin-Bradford of Nottingham. The family has  never got away from Setters since, although there was a time when the Irish were replaced by two English Setters - 'Sue' and 'Suzanne' looked after my mother Joy and aunt June when they were in their teens. I am honoured to be named after a dog... 


 1950: My aunt June & my mother Joy enjoying the company of various English Setters... 

When my aunt June married and had a family, the family's dogs were once again Irish Setters. Sherry, or  'Hartraz Queen' had a litter by Sh. Ch. Wendover Vagabond. Brandy was kept and when mated to Raycroft Larry produced Kargray Charity, the foundation bitch of Sue Edwins' Coppersheen kennel in Dorset/GB.

In the meantime my parents, my sister and I (aged 2) had moved to Switzerland and after a few years we were all looking forward to our first Irish Setter. In 1975, through June's contacts with Sue Edwins our Coppersheen Amberetta a granddaughter of Kargray Charity came to us and showed us what owning an Irish Setter is all about.

Tragically she died of bloat aged just 4 years. 

Coppersheen Amberetta, 7.9.75 - 10.12.79 

(Zimoka Rambling Red x Coppersheen Serenata)

With the help of Sue Edwins and June we then brought Aesia Anuschka (Copper II) to Switzerland (by Clonageera Snow Drift ex Coppersheen Calypso). Copper II was very successful at the shows in Switzerland and in 1984 we decided to breed  from her. Sue Edwins kindly granted her permission for us to use the same affix. This was the beginning of the 'swiss' Coppersheen Irish Setters. 



Aesia Anuschka, 27.10.79 - 12.8.94 

(Clonageera Snow Drift x Coppersheen Calypso)

From our first litter to Fearnly Firegroom of Kingscott we kept Int. & Swiss Ch. Coppersheen Alacrity (Amber) who had a very successful career as a show dog, qualified in the field and was a trained search & rescue dog. For various reasons Amber was never bred from and the line was not continued. 

   Coppersheen Alacrity.JPG (46798 Byte)

Int. & Swiss Ch. Coppersheen Alacrity, 28.12.84 - 1.9.95

(Fearnley Firegroom of Kingscott x Aesia Anuschka) 

When Amber died in 1995 I contacted Christine and Bob Heron of Caskeys Irish Setters. I had visited them on various previous occasions, we had become friends and I was keen to have a puppy from them. This was  Marquiser Shannon by Caskeys. Shannon was very successful in Search & Rescue work and was dam of the Coppersheen B-litter. Once again the breed line came to a standstil when two dogs from this litter developed epilepsy. Erin - Northern Light vh Adelaarsvaren joined us from Ingrid Silvius' kennel in the Netherlands and had two litters, the C-litter in 2005 and D-litter in 2008. 

index.1.gif (126306 Byte)

Marquiser Shannon by Caskeys 

'Shannon' b. 28.8.95 - 5.2.10

Memories... Bryan, Joy & Susan Stone 

with Shannon, Ginger, Bramble & Erin in 2003


Joy, Shannon and Ginger - forever on in our hearts.