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Sorry, no puppies planned for 2010.

We hope to mate Coppersheen Cascades of Light at the end of the year and hope for a litter early 2011.



Coppersheen D-litter born April 24th 2008

Coppersheen Daredevil, Dark Gold, Dark Guinness, Devil-may-care, Double-O-Seven

 Coppersheen Dancing Light, Dawn Light, Delightful Bundle of Joy


photos click on link:

 from 9 1/2 weeks 6.8.08

D-litter puppy photos 30.6.08

Portrait photographs 7 1/2 weeks  



Copper's Mean Mr Mustard


Balintyne Copper's Home Run HD A/B Sh.Ch. Caskeys Vaguely Scottish HD A/B
Sh. Ch. Classic Red Aniara HD B/B
Copper's Prinsessan Pa Ärten HD B/B Pontiac HD A/A
Sh. Ch. Classic Red Aniara HD B/B


Northern Light v.h. Adelaarsvaren 


Field Trial qualified



Wickenberry Capsicum NL HD A Reddins Casey GB HD 3/3
Wickenberry Red Rose GB HD 6/5
Ashrims Circle of Life B HD B Gaerlic Boogie Woogie at Dubliner SWE HD free
Ashrims Amber Pimpernel FIN HD A


May 20th 2008 - relaxing in the garden


The sire is the swedish dog Copper's Mean Mr Mustard (Dickens)

Copper's Mean Mr Mustard, bred & owned by Camilla Östman, Sweden

The dam is Erin, officially Int. Ch. Northern Light vh Adelaarsvaren 

I aim at breeding healthy and sound Irish Setters with good temperaments. Much effort goes into early socialisation of the puppies and I hope for puppy buyers who are prepared to continue this socialisation as an on-going process. Puppies do not leave until they are 9 weeks of age. The future owner should be prepared to invest time and effort into the training of their Irish Setter, thereby enabling the puppy to become a much loved member of the family.

Many problems later on can be avoided by some simple measures of early socialisation.


The sire of the future litter was chosen on behalf of good health results of himself and his ancestors. Dickens is a lovely natured dog with an excellent construction.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this combination.

the Coppersheen team... wondering what the future holds in stall  (maybe biscuits???)

"The Sound of Music" the winning advert of the ISBC 2005

with Bramble, Erin, Shannon and Ginger




Erin & Glen, 2006


this is a 7 week old 'Caskey' puppy (photo Susan Stone)