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I'd like to suggest some books on Setters and some on other breeds which I really enjoyed reading. 


Mission Accomplished: life and times of Florence Nagle - by Ferelith Somerfield 1999

Florence Nagle was a famous breeder of racehorses, Irish Wolfhounds and field trial winning Irish Setters.

This is a lovely, well written book about her life and bygone days with fascinationg photographs of her award winning animals.


Irish Setters Today - by Eve Gardner 1998

Beautifully illustrated book on the breed with information on the main breeders in the UK and a view on the show scene in GB and the US. I was very interested in the photograph of a 'shower of hail' Irish Setter. 


Pointers and Setters - by Derry Argue 1993

Not the usual book about the show scene but great words of wisdom about the training of working setters & pointers. The book will help you understand your setter even if you don't plan to train him/her to the gun.


The Irish Setter - by Janice Roberts

An old favourite, this book is probably not available any more, but if you haven't got it try to get hold of one at a second hand book stall at a dogshow!



Books on other breeds:


The Magnificent Irish Wolfhound - by Mary McBryde, Ringpress

Written by a very knowledgable lady, this book makes fascinating reading not just for Wolfhound enthusiasts. Covers all aspects of the breed, its rearing, training and general management. Wonderfully illustrated.



English Setters into the Millennium - English Setter Association 1999

A no-nonsense book about the breed with information on all aspects of the English Setter. I find it discusses many points that would interest all setter-owners. A helpful chapter about genetics. Sparingly illustrated, I found it a pity that the names of the dogs used to illustrate the breed are rarely given.


Pointers Past and Present - by Cicely A. Robertshaw 2000

A beautifully illustrated book by the breeder of the famous Crookrise Pointers. Fascinating photographs and history of well known pointer breeders from the early days up to today.


A Bundle of Rags in a Cyclone - by Nick Waters 1998

The wonderful title and cover illustration caught my eye! This is actually a book about Irish Water Spaniels. It contains some lovely photographs including the IWS in art. I regularly saw an IWS at the swiss railway station when going to work together with Shannon. I found she was of Zanfi breeding, bred by Mrs. & Mrs. Waters. This book enabled me to learn about the breed.  


The Ultimate Golden Retriever - by Valerie Foss 1997

This book fascinates me with the detailed critiques of three well known judges to photographs of various Golden Retrievers.

The discussion on the british and american standard is also interesting. The chapters on health are very informative. 




For german books look under the german section of my homepage.