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Northern Light v.h. Adelaarsvaren


sex female
date of birth   04.01.2003
SHSB-Nr. 621 495
CLAD normal NN (free)
PRA-Gene free
MO-xray free

Wickenberry Capsicum

HD A/A, CLAD normal

Reddins Casey HD 3/3, GB CLAD normal

Sh.Ch. Harreds Poacher

Skymist Moody Blue

Goldings Osprey at Twoacres

Reddins Clover

Sh. Ch. Reddins Ferdinand

Reddins Zelda

Wickenberry Red Rose  HD 6/5 GB, CLAD normal

Reddins Niall

Twoacres Gold Eagle
Reddins Cara

Sh.Ch. Wickenberry Pretty Polly

Barleydale Pascali

Wickenberry Natalma by Grangewood

Ashrims Circle of Life

HD B/B CLAD normal

Gaerlic Boogie Woogie at

Dubliner HD normal

Norcroft Palmerston

Harvey of the Hunters Home

Crimbledale Hello Dolly

East Meadows a Lassie to Gaerlic

Buccaneer of Clonageera

Bolands Kathrine of Aragon

Ashrims Amber Pimpernel


Russtober Grouse

Dunswood Little Owl

Russtober Truly Delight

Able to Win HD B

Ballywestow Crepello

Eel Gardens Philippa